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The Emu Oil Institute

Emu Oil is a food by-product, is obtained from the fat of the Emu. When the emu is processed for its healthy red meat, the fat is then refined into oil. It is an all natural substance.  When processed, the fat is taken through a series of steps to refine, sterilize and deodorize it.  Not all emu oil on the market is "refined", so we must warn consumers to beware.  Some forms of emu oil are simply "rendered"; this means the oil has only been filtered, and may contain contaminants.  Always ask for "refined" oil. Please be aware, there are different refining processes, as well. One process uses caustic chemicals such as lye, another is an all natural process, using natural clays.   In the refining process, it is important that the oil be brought up to a high enough temperature to eliminate all bacteria. A safe oil is one which has been heated high enough to kill all bacteria and does not diminish the integrity of the oil.

Emu Oil can be used for the "whole person".  Its basis and benefits are derived from Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).  EFA's are involved with producing life energy in our bodies from food substances, and moving that energy throughout our systems.  They govern growth, vitality, and mental state.  They hook up oxygen, electron transport, and energy in the process of oxidation.  Oxidation, the central and most important moment-to-moment living process in our body, is the burning of  food to produce the energy required for life processes.  


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