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Molecular Distillation now found to be the best method of refining Emu Oil for Safety and Purity.

Read the full article with photos of Emu oils tested, including 2 samples of "AEA Certified Fully Refined" Emu oil.  These test results show pre-molecular distillation and post-molecular distillation.
  This is an independent study performed by our sponsors.

Many consumers are confused about which Emu oil to buy, what Emu oil is the safest, and why some companies are using a "logo" on their oil that says it may be "certified".  What does all this mean?  How do you know you are getting pure, safe Emu Oil?

Recently, a private Study was conducted comparing "traditionally refined" Emu oil with Emu oil that has been Molecularly Distilled.  The Study concluded that even some Emu oil on the market that carries a "certified" seal, did not meet industry Standards (because they exceeded the Trade Rule levels of Peroxides and Moisture) and impurities were extracted from these same oils by method of molecular distillation.

While we cannot say that all Emu oil that is not Molecularly Distilled is bad oil, we can tell you that many Emu oils that are traditionally refined still contain impurities.  Why?  Because the methods being used by the Emu industry are a "work in progress".  Some Emu oil companies have not yet discovered or refuse to take advantage of Molecular Distillation.  Until those companies understand how pure and safe Molecular Distillation makes Emu oil, they will continue to offer consumers Emu oil that is not the "best that it can be".  

Molecular Distilled Emu oil now being offered is the purest and safest Emu oil you can buy.  (click the "Read All About It" link above for photos of impurities removed from traditionally fully refined Emu oil)   In addition to being fully refined to exceed industry Standards, the oil is run through the additional step of being distilled.  This distillation process removes impurities that cannot be removed by traditional methods.  The traditional method of refining Emu oil should remove peroxides, some bacteria, and unwanted particulate.  Molecular distillation removes moisture, free fatty acids and any remaining unwanted particulate and bacteria, without compromising the beneficial essential fatty acids.  

According to David Casilio, BSEE from Clarkson University and Masters of Science in manufacturing technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, "to remove odor and not destroy the penetrating properties of emu oil requires a special distillation process that lowers the pressure, which therefore lowers the evaporation temperature.  It was found that a high vacuum centrifugal molecular still gave the best results."  This is the method by which the Molecularly Distilled Emu oil is processed.

We have learned, through advances in technology, that Molecular Distillation is the "future" of Emu oil in the marketplace.  It affords consumers the purest, safest Emu oil available.


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