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Emu Oil founderThe Emu Oil Institute was created and founded by Joanne Long of Pennsylvania.  Mrs. Long has been involved in the emu industry in the U.S. since 1992.  Throughout that time, she founded the Pennsylvania Emu Farmers Association, sat on the Board of Directors of Penn State Agricultural Department and was the featured speaker at various Emu industry functions throughout the U.S.  Long was a long-time member of the American Emu Association and the American Oil Chemists Society, and is Vice President of Longview Farms.

During her involvement with the industry she and her husband met with the Governor of Yucatan, MX to determine the viablility of emu raising in Mexico.

Mrs. Long has written the book, "Why Emu Oil Works", which is in it's 5th printing.  The book contains scientific information as well as consumer information.

Mrs. Long and her staff work hard to bring as much information as possible to the forefront throught various publications. This enables consumers and professionals the ability to learn all about this wonderful substance:  Emu Oil.











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